Your Connection to Opportunity (Reprise)

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Canada’s Pacific Gateway and Corridor is a world-class transportation network that links North America and the Asia-Pacific market.

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The Government of Canada is working with provinces, municipalities and business communities to make Canada’s Pacific Gateway a preferred choice for international businesses and investors.

This partnership of public and private sectors is committed to supporting a productive, competitive economy with unparalleled potential.

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Canada’s Pacific Gateway is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable: creating lasting benefits for investors and new jobs for Canadians.

And it’s helping to build the country’s economy and generate new employment.

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Development projects underway in Western provinces are ensuring that intermodal transportation in Canada is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Canada’s Pacific Gateway will continue to grow and provide long-term advantages for investors, for importers and exporters, and for all Canadians.

Canada’s Pacific Gateway: your connection to opportunity!

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Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway