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Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor offers users an unrivalled edge for international business: It’s faster, more reliable and cost-effective.

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The Canadian government is working with its provinces, municipalities and business communities through an aggressive national strategy to make Canada’s Pacific Gateway a premier option for international businesses and investors.

Thanks to this unprecedented public-private partnership, Canada’s extensive and efficient trade corridors are already in place and thriving.

Canada offers fast, easy access between North American and Asian markets.

Canada’s Pacific Gateway and key Corridors provide the quickest route linking Asia and North America.

The port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, is the closest major North American container port to Shanghai. Prince Rupert is sixty hours and more than a thousand nautical miles closer than other West Coast ports.

New port capacity continues to come on line – capacity that will increase Canada’s Pacific Gateway’s role in trans-pacific commerce. music sting

Many major US markets are just a short drive from Canadian ports and urban centres.

Canada also boasts a world-class and constantly growing railway system.

Projects like the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor will enhance capacity to address the growing demands of expanded trade between North America and Asia.

Canada’s airports are the first stop on polar routes from Asia to North America, which allows cargo operators to shave flight time and fuel on their journeys.

The airports are linked to key trade corridors to bring goods to the heartland of North America. Some airports are less than two hours away from the US border, some are as close as a thirty minute drive.
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Canada’s well-coordinated transportation security, border management and emergency management programs ensure goods get to their destination safely and securely.

These can include a number of joint programs with the US where we cooperate to improve the flow of shipments between the two countries, and protect shipments from disruption. Canada's Pacific Gateway: your connection to opportunity!

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Access to US markets is being continually improved through major road and rail development projects in Western Canada, and expansion projects in the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

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Canada efficiently links the North American marketplace to the major Asian economies of China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway