Strengthening Western Canada

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Western Canada plays a vital role in building stronger trade connections between North America and Asia.

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The Government of Canada is working closely with public and private sector partners to capitalize on opportunities through the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative.

Projects such as building bridges, extending highways, and improving infrastructure and logistics at Canada’s marine, air and inland ports are all part of this initiative.

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The Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railway Companies, in partnership with the federal Government, are investing heavily to enhance rail capacity, which will benefit the entire Pacific Gateway and its corridor.

The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor project is a prime example of this.

The new road-rail grade separations for the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor will enhance the efficiency and safety of rail operations and help accommodate the anticipated growth in trade-related traffic.

They will also provide quality of life and environmental benefits to neighbouring communities by improving the flow of community traffic and reducing the idling of vehicles, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Prince Rupert’s Fairview Terminal is another key part of the vision for Canada’s Pacific Gateway.

The Government of Canada has invested twenty-eight million dollars in a Marine Container Customs Program at the Fairview Terminal to ensure secure and efficient border services.

The Fairview Terminal was the first port built with enhanced security specifications following Nine-Eleven, making it one of the safest and most secure ports in the world.

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The Government of Canada is funding a number of short-sea shipping projects on the west coast.

Projects like these move marine cargo between relatively close points...

...reducing road congestion, increasing throughput capacity at marine terminals, and increasing overall system capacity for trade between Asia and North America

They will form an integrated network that could potentially carry up to three million metric tons per year.

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Western Canada is crucial to the success of Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor. Development projects underway in Western provinces are ensuring that intermodal transportation in Canada is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Canada’s Pacific Gateway is Strengthening Western Canada.

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Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway