Making Canada Stronger

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Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative is a federal initiative that creates exciting opportunities for all Canadians.

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Investment in the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative enables Canadian companies to tap into new and expanded markets.

Increases in trade volume and related services generate new business opportunities and create new jobs for Canadians.

In Greater Vancouver, one of the largest trade and transportation hubs on North America’s West Coast, one in five jobs is related to trade or transportation...

...And the trade and transportation sector generates thousands of jobs across Western Canada.

Canada’s Pacific Gateway gives western Canadians the opportunity to create economically viable communities with a high quality of life.

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Environmentally-responsible infrastructure improvements linked to the Pacific Gateway are reducing congestion and improving the flow of traffic.

The Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative is also opening the door to new export opportunities.

Partnerships with the Asia-Pacific’s rapidly growing economies help drive other higher-value economic activities in Canada and particularly in Western Canada. This stimulates economic growth.

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Canada’s Pacific Gateway is helping to build the country’s economy, creating family-supporting jobs, generating new tax revenue, while managing energy use and environmental impact.

Canada’s Pacific Gateway: making Canada stronger.

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Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway