North Vancouver, B.C.- July 14, 2010

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Speech by the Honourable Stockwell Day at Groundbreaking Ceremony to mark the start of constructino of the Lynn Creek Rail Bridge and Brooksbank Underpass Projects

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Well thank you Andrew [Saxton], ladies and gentlemen, especially Leanna [Martin], thank you for your prayers, thank you for the kind and generous welcome to each of us here. And thank you for mentioning the collaborative nature of how projects like this come to be, because that is in fact the reality and I’d like to talk about that in just a minute.

I want to congratulate Andrew, not only does he vigorously represent the concerns of his constituents right here, but when we were talking about this announcement today I was saying there’s got to be some kind of backdrop. He said why don’t I make a couple of calls see if we can’t get a train going by. And it just shows the power of the guy - all the way from Saskatchewan this potash is coming through. And just as a backup on the other side in case the train went by before the announcement, he’s arranged for a coal train that’s just on the other side of this one. So great work Andrew not just for your constituents, but for this announcement today.

And in fact Andrew has been largely responsible for this, presenting the concerns of the area. Coming through this whole area, the North Shore trading area, the tonnage that goes through in one year, looking at 2008 just before the downturn, something like 23,000 tons of material worth over $10 billion. 26,000 jobs are involved in and dependent on what happens just through these corridors here as we maintain our Asia-Pacific gateway.

It’s absolutely essential that ongoing infrastructure improvements happen. So on the formal part of what we’re doing today I’m very pleased to announce this groundbreaking ceremony of this project which is going to see the Lynn Creek bridge expanded by eight lanes, the Brooksbank underpass developed and the result is going to be more smooth, more efficient transportation road and rail integration not just for the community here which will be a great benefit, but it helps us to also sell the message to the Asia-Pacific community.

Whether it’s myself, as Minister for Asia-Pacific, or Andrew as your MP or the people that work in the areas taking the message to people who are shipping and doing business in the Asia-Pacific countries, this is the efficient way to get product into the heartland of North America, by using the Asia-Pacific Gateway.
These ongoing developments keep us at the forefront of these type of port facilities in the Asia-Pacific community here in Vancouver, the Vancouver Metro Port and also in Prince Rupert.

It’s also part of the larger emphasis that we have placed over the last two years on infrastructure here in BC and across Canada to help us through the economic downturn. You’ve seen the results, they’re talked about around the world about Canada emerging as the strongest economy among developed nations. We made a commitment to this type of infrastructure, not only to benefit the community here, not just to sell the Asia-Pacific message around the world, but to keep Canada at the forefront and we’ve been able to do that.

And it can’t happen without the type of cooperation and collaboration that Leanna was talking about, that Andrew represents, that your mayor [Darrell Mussatto] represents. He was kind enough to say to me “thank you so much for bringing the good weather.” And your mayor has been very forward-thinking in making sure that these type of developments happen.

So we’re pleased to make this groundbreaking announcement at this groundbreaking ceremony and see the ongoing future of this area even more assured. Thanks so much for being here today and thanks to everyone who played a part in this.

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