For International Businesses

Canada and Global Commerce

As one of the most trade-reliant countries in the world, Canada’s prosperity depends fundamentally on international commerce. To maintain our standard of living, Canada must meet the challenge of the rapidly changing dynamics of global trade. These dynamics are driven by rapid, seamless and secure movements of goods and people around the world in global transport and supply chains.

Propelled by dramatic advances in transportation and information technology, leading-edge production strategies now feature deep integration of research, design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and service dispersed across the globe. Success depends on how well companies exploit these global supply chains. The increase in seaborne cargo trade in the last 15 years, particularly strong growth in container traffic, has been fueled considerably by Chinese exports. Between 1998 and 2005, containerized inbound cargo through Vancouver area ports has doubled. These containers have destinations across Canada and the United States.

Against this backdrop, the logistics of moving people and goods—quickly and reliably—are crucial determinants of competitiveness.

Human and physical capital to support these movements are increasingly concentrated in a few key geographic zones–gateways—connected to each other and to major markets by corridors. Efficient intermodal transportation gateways and corridors are essential to Canada’s continued success in international commerce and its long-term prosperity.

The APGCI's Geographic Advantage

Canada is geographically positioned to prosper as the crossroads between North America and growing Asian economies, such as China, India and Korea, and of course Japan. Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor offers world-class marine, rail, road and air infrastructure closer to Asia than all its North American competitors. Its population base also enjoys strong cultural, family and business connections with Asia-Pacific nations. These are major Canadian assets in international commerce.

Canada's Asia-Pacific Gateway